Hepatitis A vaccine

​             Routine vaccination:
 -    Minimum age: 12 months

 -    Start the 2-dose hepatitis A vaccine series for children aged 12 through 23 months; separate the 2 doses by 6 to 18             months.

 -    Children who have received 1 dose of hepatitis A vaccine before age 24 months, should receive a second dose 6 to

      18 months after the first dose.

 -    Two doses of both killed and live hepatitis A vaccines as of now.

 -    Administer 2 doses at least 6 months apart to unvaccinated persons.

 -    For catch-up vaccination, prevaccination screening for hepatitis A antibody is recommended in children older than

      10 years as at this age the estimated seropositive rates exceed 50%.

 -   Combination of hepatitis B and hepatitis A may be used in 0, 1, 6 schedule.

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